The Spiral Pasta

Fusilli is a variety of pasta that is spiral or helical shape. The word "Fusilli" presumably comes from fuso, as traditionally it is "spun" by pressing and rolling a small rod over the thin strips of pasta to wind them around it in a corkscrew shape.

Fusilli Pasta

Suji pasta, Suji & Durum mix pasta & Premium Durum pasta are the 3 variants with a wide range of SKU's starting from single serve to institutional packs.

Treat Fusilli

Only Suji Pasta
Available in:
Rs.10pack / 250gms / 500gms / 1Kg

Maja Fusilli

Suji and Durum Wheat Mix Pasta
Available in:
250gms / 500gms

Premium Fusilli

Permium Durum Wheat Pasta
Available in:
500gms / 1Kg