The Elbow Pasta

Made with Semolina or Durum wheat, Macaroni is shaped like narrow tubes cut in short lengths, curved Macaroni is commonly referred to as Elbow Macaroni. Macaroni and Cheese is a popular dish in North America, the same dish known as Mac & Cheese is also popular in Great Britain where it originated.

Macaroni Pasta

Suji pasta, Suji & Durum mix pasta & Premium Durum pasta are the 3 variants with a wide range of SKU's starting from single serve to institutional packs.

Treat Macaroni

Only Suji Pasta
Available in:
Rs.10pack / 250gms / 500gms / 1Kg

Maja Macaroni

Suji and Durum Wheat Mix Pasta
Available in:
250gms / 500gms

Premium Macaroni

Permium Durum Wheat Pasta
Available in:
500gms / 1Kg