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'Pastiano' is an exclusive brand owned by Satidadi Agro Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd., a pasta manufacturing company based in Siliguri, West Bengal circulating its products on a pan India basis. A portfolio of 8 varieties of pasta shapes made out of Semolina (Suji/ Rawa) from WORLD CLASS ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY namely Macaroni, Small Fusilli, Big Fusilli, Cavatappi, Shells, Penne, Vermicelli, Roasted Vermicelli.

Delicious Recipes

Healthy & delicious kids' friendly pasta that can be made for tiffin, after school meal or dinner.
This easy tomato basil pasta features that classic pairing of ripe tomatoes, peppery basil and Parmesan cheese.
White sauce pasta is a delicious dish made of pasta, butter, milk, cheese & herbs. It is basically cooked pasta tossed in cheesy white sauce.
There is something about the lightly assaultive yet somehow sweet nature of mint that is unlike any other herb.
Pink sauce pasta is the combination of white sauce and red sauce pasta. This is a must try recipe for all the pasta lovers.
This is the mac and cheese recipe every kid has grown up on - creamy sauce, chewy pasta, and plenty of cheese!
This recipe only uses a handful of ingredients you are sure to have on hand.
Whip up a 2-minute meal in-a-bowl with a refreshing recipe for Caesar Pasta Salad.
This pasta salad recipe is perfect for spring, roasted vegetables and chimichurri are a great combination.
It's got a vinegar and olive oil based dressing that tastes so fresh thanks to the lime juice.
The samosas are stuffed with a unique, spicy and zingy filling of macaroni and cheese then the regular samosas.
A tasty sandwich with creamy macaroni pasta stuffed between toasted bread. Kids will love this anytime, anywhere.
If you have some cooked pasta left and you're out of a sauce, make these incredibly flavorful and quick Pasta Cutlets!
Vermicelli/Sewai Pulao is a great tiffin snack or breakfast option. You can add your favourite veggies and make this recipe as per your choice.
If you are in need of a quick and easy chicken dinner, look no further than this Creamy Caribbean Jerk Chicken Rasta Pasta.
Stir Frry Pork Vermicelli is a beloved dish of Szechuan province. It’s easy to assemble yet loaded with flavor.
Kick your weeknight dinners up a notch with these deliciously zesty mexican stuffed shells!
Vermicelli Kheer, a delicious Indian dessert made with milk and vermicelli strands is often served as a sweet accompaniment in lunch or dinner.
Balsamic dressing and strawberries are perfect together, it’s both sweet and savoury and is light, healthy and refreshing.