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Welcome to Pastiano - It's Your Pasta!

'Pastiano' a brand that believes in healthy & nutritious pasta made of Semolina (Suji/Rawa) & Durum Wheat, with 8 amazing varieties Macaroni, Small Fusilli, Big Fusilli, Cavatappi, Shells, Penne, Vermicelli, Roasted Vermicelli produced by contactless world class Italian technology.

our latest

Durum Pasta!

Introducing our latest range of Durum Wheat pasta in a very attractive new packaging. Durum in Latin means "Hard" and Durum wheat is the hardest of all species, it is also called pasta wheat or macaroni wheat. Durum has higher protein content than any other wheat, so enjoy our very healthy & nutritious pasta anytime, anywhere!

Our interesting facts

Our manufacturing is done using hi-tech machineries imported from Italy that conforms to the highest standards of productivity and quality and the product is totally untouched by hands. This modern European machine has capacity to produce over 600 metric tons of pasta per month.

Years of Pasta Making

Tonnes of Semolina Used

No. 1 Italian Technology

Tonnes of Pasta made